TFL Finishes

Many thermally fused laminate patterns simulate real wood in its natural state, as well as stained and weathered finishes and textures. Our display of solid colors replicate painted surfaces that resist chipping and require less maintenance than painted doors.


Suede: a functional non-directional, highly durable lightly textured finish suitable for all applications. 


Velvet: Warm, super-smooth, matte finish

* available in frameless construction only. Samples doors are not available at this time.


All PRISM laminates are available in frameless construction only. Samples doors are not available at this time.

Castanho - Boreal texture
Gibraltar - Taction texture

PRISM TFL designs with InCopper™ antimicrobial technology offer built-in protection against mold and mildew.

Currently available only in the United States, the proprietary InCopper agent is EPA-registered (number 93650) for its antimicrobial properties that protect the surface of PRISM TFL panels against mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria.

Boreal: Tactile, striated, deep, rich woodgrain

Taction: An innovative finish, sychronized to an exclusive contemporary oak design demonstrating a unique dual low gloss technology

Velvet: Warm, super-smooth, matte finish


Broadstone Lexington, Seattle, WA - Hundson doors with satin nickel Square pulls
linear texture

All TFL samples presented on this website are subject to change due to material availability. Lanz Cabinets makes no guarantee that these TFL offerings will continue to be in production. If any TFL style is discontinued, we will make every effort to find a suitable replacement.


  1. Printed decorative paper sheet fused with resin
  2. Industrial grade 5/8″ particle board
  3. Printed decorative paper sheet fused with resin

Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) panels are produced by fusing a resin-based sheet of decorative paper directly to a particle board core. Pressure and heat activate the resin-based sheet and create a cross-linked bond with the core. This seals the core making it impossible to peel away. 

  • Permanently bonded to industrial-grade particle board
  • Hardness: 2144 psi
  • made for vertical application only (not suitable for countertop surfaces)
  • Less expensive than HPL (high-pressure laminate)
  • No dark line where surface and edgebanding meet as HPL has.