Door Materials Overview

Lanz offers a wide variety of materials for your cabinet doors, including solids, woods, and faux woods. Man-made materials have many texture options from high gloss, super matte, distressed, linear and wood ticking.

Decorative Melamine

Can replicate a wide variety of in demand materials, colors, and textures at a more affordable price

Thermofoil (RTF)

RTF doors have the most finish options. Offers an eased 1/8 inch radius in a broad variety of colors and textures

Value Wood/Veneer

Provides the warmth of a wood finish in a full offering of Lanz stain colors

Premium Wood/Veneer

The most valuable woods that Lanz cabinets provide. Only available in UV natural finish.

P. E. T.

A durable, water and fingerprint resistant material available in both a high gloss and supermatte finish